Fish Pick-Up:

We just want you to know that if you will be picking up your fish from our facility, we will sell fish to you no matter where you are! You should also know that there are two fish "seasons" where fish can be sold: April - June and September - November. You must schedule your fish pickup in advance as it is not feasible for us to respond to drop-ins because the order must be prepared and there are no hours where someone is guaranteed to be here if you don't have an appointment. Thanks!

Farm Hours:

Although we have people at the farm most weekdays, we do not publish hours because we cannot guarantee someone will be here unless you have an appointment. We are happy to see you and have you stop by - just call ahead to ensure we'll be here to show you around. Also, fish pickups are always scheduled events - so please do order your fish ahead of time and schedule the pickup of those fish ahead of time also.

Fish Delivery:

Lastly, we may deliver your fish conditioned upon a minimum order size and up to about 400 miles from our facility. Call us to find out if we will be able to deliver your order or if it would be best if you picked it up! We also want you to know that we do not ship fish - it just doesn't work out that well and we assume you prefer your fish to be alive when you get them. ;-)

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KOI - On Sale Now!

Call to schedule pickup of our multi-colored KOI!!! We have 6" to 12" KOI ranging from $5 to $20 dollars depending upon coloring.

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Woods & Waters Fish Farm
Woods & Waters Fish Farm, Inc.
3998 Junction Road
Juneau WI 53039
Phone: 920-696-3090

Saugeye no longer available

As you may recall, we used to sell saugeye but due to spotty supply, we are taking them "off the menu" so to speak. FYI.

Pond Consulting

We are also no longer providing pond consulting services. I apologize for the inconvenience but my fish business has grown so fast that is all I have time for anymore. Thanks for understanding!